Carl Hansen & Søn is a third generation company that dates back to 1908. It was founded by Carl Hansen, a trained cabinet maker, in Denmark. Initially producing a large range of bespoke furniture, the company eventually focused on smaller collections and key pieces in consideration of growth and changing times. This combination of hand craftsmanship and rational series production is the firm’s hallmark. Now led by the founder’s grandson, the company continues this pursuit of quality and environmental sustainability in its new factory in Aarup.

Carl Hansen & Søn collaborates with different designers, from the internationally renowned to the emerging and new, such as Mogens Koch, Kaare Klint, Tadao Ando, Strand & Hvass, and Thomas Bo Kastholm. Carl Hansen & Søn also has a close cooperation with the Hans J. Wegner Studio, allowing the brand to introduce or re-introduce designs by Hans J. Wegner, like the iconic CH24 (the Wishbone chair) made for the company in 1950.