Natuzzi is a globally-recognised furniture brand founded by Pasquale Natuzzi in 1959. Among its line of products are Natuzzi Italia and Natuzzi Revive. Natuzzi Italia presents a complete home collection made in Italy, with sofas and armchairs enriched by a selection of furnishings, lighting, accessories and living room furniture. Every piece is inspired by the founder’s dedication to the home as a sanctuary of intimacy and harmony; in his own words: an environment where every element, shape and colour expresses beauty in itself and is perfectly in tune with all that surrounds it. This idea is brought to new heights with Natuzzi Revive, the world’s first ‘performance recliner’ focused on innovation aimed at improving comfort and well-being at home.


New look coming soon to Natuzzi Italia—we are re-opening on the 1st of August 2017!