British modernist fashion designer Margaret Howell has always admired mid-century British design of everyday objects; finding their simplicity, functionality, timelessness, and design to be relatable into her own clothing line design essence. The original Anglepoise® lamp is a sample of all these design aspects, finding its way not only in homes, but also in hospitals, factories, offices, and libraries throughout Britain since the 1930’s.


I remember spending hours doing my school homework under an Anglepoise® lamp and I regret its disappearance somewhere along the way. Anglepoise® is another design classic, which I grew up with and took for granted. Its functional origin making it what it is, no more no less.  
–Margaret Howell


In 2012, the designer came up with an exclusive Yellow Ochre color for the Type 75 – the exact color of the Anglepoise® Model 90 lamp from the 1970’s which was owned by the designer. Initially, the warm yellow was exclusively available at Margaret Howell shops, but due to popular demand the brand is pleased to announce that the Yellow Ochre edition is now officially available for purchase in any Anglepoise® retail outlet.


Following the success of the Yellow Ochre edition, the designer released two additional colors to match the Yellow Ochre – Saxon Blue and Seagrass. The three colors come together to make a cool, put-together palette reminiscent of the nature-centric 70’s era.



Designed by Anglepoise® Creative Director Sir Kenneth Grange, the Type 75 was created as a reinterpretation of the Anglepoise® Apex 90 model from the 1970’s. With its no-frills design, flowing movement and full adjustability, the Type 75 is a shared favorite of architects, office firms, and households everywhere. The simplicity in its appearance makes it easy to suit any room that it’s placed in. No wonder it got other collaborations from the past year, too.


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