In preparation for its new season, BoConcept has zeroed-in on the up-and-coming global mood and style trends and adapted them into the new collection. Get ready to lounge in the new Metropolitan and Scandinavian styles this coming 2016–2017!

Dark, luxurious, and plush, the Metropolitan style comes from the big-city lifestyle of the upscale metropolis. Think of marbled floors found in the lobbies of 5-star hotels in New York or the luxurious lounge you went to for a nightcap in during one of your stays in Hong Kong; wouldn’t it be lovely to bring such sophistication into your own home?  The Metropolitan style is all about the lavish life in the city. While there are very strong references to urbanite living, BoConcept brings in contrasts from lush and wild nature with industrial influences for a fuller, more decadent feeling.

A wide variety of colors are used to highlight the Metropolitan style—from dark blues and greens, to warm browns and rouge, plus a palette of greys, are all well-represented. Combine these colors with sensuous materials like marble, velvet, glass, and polished metallics to create a unity and balance that epitomise the modern urban interior. Add a plush rug with gold and brass accents to bring swanky city life into your own home.



The Scandinavian style brings BoConcept back to its Nordic roots and design heritage where natural light plays an important role in creating a specific mood with the play of shadows and highlights in the room. Imagine bedrooms bathed in the soft white light of Scandinavia, stretching out on a cozy, comfortable sofa in front of the fireplace; the comforts of home is what the Scandinavian style wants to embody.

Simple and calm with clean surfaces, this style is all about honest materials and tactile textures, dominated by a “less-is-more” feeling that can be found in other Scandinavian design brands such as Carl Hansen & Søn. The main colors are found in the Nordic landscape where the liberal use of oak and concrete textures dominates the look. Express yourself in calming neutrals like off-whites, blacks, and basic greys that are highlighted with light caramel, ash grey, cool marble, and other muted pastels.



To stir things up, folk details from around the world that help create an interesting blend of cultures—something BoConcept has internalised in the process of becoming the global brand it is today. Think of a Moroccan Kilim rug added to a lovely white and oak dining set up, complete with a Copper pendant from Tom Dixon or a traditional bone tray to accent your Copenhagen wall system in white and oak.


Check out how these two styles play in our showrooms at MOs Design and Shangri-La Plaza today.