Even with the rise of smaller living spaces, climate change, urban development, and social media, lounging around outdoors is still an irresistible temptation when the weather (or wifi) permits. Whether by the pool, on the balcony, or in your backyard, the outdoors have something refreshing to offer. Enjoy the cityscape, the garden, or the water with the freshest picks from the outdoor collections of our design brands BoConcept, Anglepoise, Ligne Roset, and Vitra:



Bring more liveliness to the outdoors with versatile pieces that can easily be moved around: set up a cool ambiance at a terrace party or add a touch of whimsy to your garden with these pieces from Ligne Roset and Anglepoise:



And who says all this needs to stay outdoors? Among the most wonderful things about outdoor furniture is that they work just as well inside. Bring in the greenery today, or drag in a lounge chair.


The outdoors need not be tiresome or boring—it is still very much a part of your space, and is a touch of personality and character visible from the outside. Consider it a hint to guests of what’s in store: a welcoming flower pot in a sluggish corner, a rug on the grass or tiles, or a fascinating outdoor light translates to a well-considered, welcoming space inside.


Enjoy every bit of your space, and find out which outdoor piece would help you with that at MOs Design.