Aside from harmonious collections of quality Italian furniture, Natuzzi Italia has made itself known for the most innovative sofas and the world’s first performance recliner. This October, discover the ultimate comfort in these beautifully made pieces at special prices until 11th November, exclusively at MOs Design.


As the world’s first performance recliner, the Re-vive boasts a sumptuous marriage of quality and technology. What makes it exceptional is its intuitive, responsive reclining system—no levers, buttons, or electricity needed. The sitter simply needs to relax and move as they wish, and the Re-vive naturally adapts to their movement. The Re-vive is flexible in function and also in design: one can even choose to dress in either leather or fabric, both in a wide range of colours. It also comes in various styles: Club, Quilted, Wing Back, Lounge, or Suit,
and with options for matching headrests and an ottoman.



Aside from the Re-vive recliner, Natuzzi Italia is also known for thoughtfully designed, seamless and elegant motion sofas. The Brio, a fine example of their nuanced approach to technology, represents a combination of design and function. It presents a complete experience: seamless reclining seats and integrated audio systems. The Brio uses Bluetooth technology to connect to your device, so you can enjoy your favourite tunes while reclining on its soft, handstitched leather seat.



The Brio sofa is one of the many motion sofas from the Natuzzi Italia collection currently available in the showroom. There is also the Volo sofa (flight in Italian), the regal, high tech Duca sofa, the versatile and casual Attesa sofa, the reinvented classic Iago sofa, and the Philo sofa with its refined quilting. Each has their own Soft Touch mechanism—with only a slide of a finger on the buttons near the armrest, the seat reclines according to your need. Aside from the Soft Touch mechanism, the motion sofa collection also features a zero-wall system, no extra space is needed for the sofa to recline. The sofa can be placed against the wall to save space, and still recline to its fullest capacity.


[Home] is the sanctuary for feelings, affection, intimacy. The place to return to, the safe harbor, the comfortable nest for our family and us.
– Pasquale Natuzzi, Natuzzi Group Chairman and Chief Stylist


As Pasquale Natuzzi believes in the saying “home is where the heart is,” Natuzzi Italia revolves around the idea of harmony, taking their design inspiration from their hometown and muse, Puglia. Natuzzi Italia has designed and created various collections exemplary of Levantine harmonious living, with the motion sofa collection and Re-vive as testimonies to its exceptional Italian craftsmanship.



Move and be moved with the Re-vive and motion sofas at special prices—drop by the new Natuzzi Italia showroom today!