Tom Dixon, purveyor of innovative design in both lighting and furniture, presents a new dimension to his earlier series of Etch lights and candle holders. The Etch series is inspired by pure mathematics, forming geodesic structures of thin metal sheets. Each sheet itself is etched with a detailed pattern using digital technology that is commonly used for intricate electrical components, like those for computers. The Etch Web expands this earlier exploration, this time shaped into a repeated irregular pentagon structure. The formations leave the Etch Web with an unusually open design, unlike other lighting pieces like the earlier Etch lamps and Copper ShadeThis allows more detailed shadows and atmospheric textures to be cast around the lit area. Because of its polished finish, the steel parts of the Etch Web are extremely reflective, adding a jewel-like quality to its overall surface.



The Etch Web also has its roots in a 2009 collaboration with Audi, as part of the latter’s campaign to promote the new Audi A8. The installation, Light Light, was unveiled in Design Miami and featured the Etch Web with LED lights—taking its cue from the Audi A8’s own LED headlights. Both the lighting and the car itself share many characteristics, from technical precision to craftsmanship, to lightness. With its success in Design Miami, Audi has toured the installation internationally.



Let your space be lit by this intersection of mathematics, geometry, industry, and form. Find the Etch Web at our Tom Dixon display at MOs Design.