Tom Dixon—synonymous to a specific brand of eclectic, edgy sensibilities—now extends their particular approach from their iconic lights to extraordinary objects. The Tom Dixon Accessories line offers a generous spread of beautiful yet useful tools, gifts, and design objects: from tea sets and bar necessities to a delightful bouquet of scented candles. Tom Dixon takes its obsession with materials to a new level, shaping copper, marble, iron, brass, wood, and more into remarkable accessories for everyday use.



The Brew and Form families elevate the simple, but much appreciated coffee and tea experience into its oft-forgotten ceremonial status: it is the perfect stage for everything from catching up with old friends or getting a much-needed pick me up in the middle of a tiresome workday. The Brew is a collection of coffee accessories such as caddy, scoop, cafetière, milk pan, espresso cups, and serving tray. This collection knows that making coffee is an art in itself, and there’s no harm in turning a helpful habit into a happy occasion. As they say: celebrate the little things! The same goes for the Form collection, bringing to the fore the grand tradition of British afternoon tea, with its tea pot, milk jug, tea caddy, sugar dish and spoon, and stamped tray. Here’s to heritage made sharp and contemporary!



The more daytime-appropriate drinking rituals aside, Tom Dixon brings the same clever, daring sensibility to the cocktail culture. Make your nightly libations just this side of classy—pouring drinks and having your favourite tipple will no longer be frowned upon with the wonderfully crafted Tank and Plum families.



Less polished but more textured are the Hex and Bone families. Hex, with its shiny, hexagonal edges, is hand-formed with the traditional techniques of repousse and chasing. Bone on the other hand, belies its fine bone-like, and intricate lattice-shape with its actual materials: each is made from a solid, sand-casted brass piece. Beautiful to behold, both these families are not lacquered, to allow their distinct materials and textures to oxidise and develop their own unique patina over time.



They say that among the five senses, the olfactory sense is especially strong in evoking memories and inspiring calm. Originally among Tom Dixon’s first forays into accessories, the ever-expanding scent collections have become favourites on their own, with each collection telling their individual stories through their thoughtfully crafted fragrances. The Eclectic collection invokes nostalgia and specific moods, while the Elements collection distills the experience into pure, yet complex impressions of the very elements they represent. The Materialism collection stays true to Tom Dixon form, creating unique scents combined with a creative spin on materials.

Take your pick from these extraordinary accessories, gifts and design objects made to be used or played with, treasured or given. Let each piece add inspiration to your home or work space. Drop by the showroom to see more collections from Tom Dixon’s Accessories line.


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