Ligne Roset has been known for  design furniture since its groundbreaking foray into retail in the 1970s. Their ongoing tradition of compelling collaborations with designers from all over the world have produced innumerable contemporary classics. Among these favourites are the works by homegrown French designers—like the iconic Togo designed by Michel Ducaroy, to name a few. Here we have a selection of three more French favourites, all different, eclectic approaches to design.

First among the three is Inga Sempé’s Moël: Sempé has been collaborating with Ligne Roset since 2006, designing a wide variety of  tables, chairs, beds, and accessories. A Grand Prix de la Création en design de la Ville de Paris awardee, she takes the simplest details of everyday objects and renders them into pieces as thoughtful and inspiring as objets d’art. The Moël collection is among her most sculptural, and counts itself as part of Ligne Roset’s signature all-foam models. The Moël has a characteristic backseat that encloses the sitter within its rounded, throne-like form.



Second is Pierre Paulin’s Daybed—designed in 1953 but proudly reissued by Ligne Roset in 2015. Paulin is known for his widely innovative, modernist pieces that were ahead of their time. He is among the classic French designers of Ligne Roset’s famous roster, having designed many well-loved pieces such as the Curule chair, the Antigone table, and the Pumpkin armchairs. Though a reissued piece, the Daybed is ever-contemporary in its focus on natural materials, and nostalgic elegance. These qualities belie the smart practicality of its design—with the modular cushions it can be a small sofa with a built-in coffee table, or when rearranged, becomes a larger sofa or auxiliary bed.



Third and certainly not the least, is the Ploum by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. Recipients of numerous awards, they are distinguished contemporary French designers that continue to explore the open, sensible interior space that responds to our changing lifestyles and new technologies. The brothers have cemented their fame with critical success, especially for the Facett chair for Ligne Roset—widely considered to be the iconic armchair of our time. They have also created the Clouds textiles, and our favourite, the Ploum. The Ploum is designed for pure comfort—made from advanced stretch-fabric upholstery and ultra-flexible resilient foam, it is much like a nest that softly cradles its sitters.


We pictured Ploum like a ripe, voluptuous piece of fruit.
– Bouroullec Brothers



All these pieces exhibit a sense of contemporaneity and sensitivity to the needs and aesthetics of our time. Though visually stunning, they are fundamentally rooted in the designers’ responsiveness to ergonomics, and in the technology of materials characteristic to Ligne Roset. Let these pieces find a place with you and inspire your everyday.


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