It’s the most wonderful time of the year again! As the holiday season approaches, our home becomes the center of celebrations. Entertaining guests can be both fun and overwhelming. Here are five simple ways to make your home guest-ready this holiday season:


  1. Organize your things in style for a clutter-free home


    The first step in holiday preparation is cleaning and organizing the home. When things are organized, there would be more space for Christmas decorations, gifts, and guests. Big, heavy items like books, magazines, DVDs, photo albums, and speakers can be stored in customizable storage units like the BoConcept Lugano wall system. Meanwhile, small, random items like keys, eyeglasses, photographs, and figurines can be placed in colorful shelves like the Vitra Corniches by Rowan and Erwan Bouroullec.

    When guests arrive, the entry way is usually filled with shoes, bags, coats, gloves, and scarves. For these items, bins, baskets, and coat stands can come in handy. For example, the Ligne Roset Bidum can serve as a bin for shoes while the Tom Dixon Peg coat stand can serve as a totem for hats, bags, coats, and umbrellas.


  2. Set up dramatic lighting for a cozy, warm Christmas vibe


    The holiday season is a perfect time to think about lighting. Dramatic lights can brighten up the atmosphere of any home. Christmas lights are lovely, but it is also wise to invest on beautiful lights that can be used even after the holidays. For example, the Tom Dixon Etch Web is an eye-catching pendant light which casts angular shadows when lit. Meanwhile, Jack, also by Tom Dixon, is a multi-functional object that serves both as a light and as a stool.

    For people who are looking for a statement piece, the Anglepoise Giant 1227 floor lamp is a perfect catch. This triple-scale version of the Anglepoise Original 1227 can bring warmth and glow to any part of the house. Like other Anglepoise lamps, this gentle giant can last a lifetime.


  3. Bring out the metallics for that festive, tinsel-glittery feeling


    Shiny and sparkly materials are perfect for the holidays. Metallic colors such as gold, copper, brass, and silver stunningly matches the basic colors of the home. They can also be paired with Marsala and shades of green. The trick is not to overdo it, but just add a little sparkle to every corner of the home.

    For example, tables and chairs with metallic legs, such as the Tom Dixon Scoop and Pylon collection, form a glamorous dining set. On the other hand, metallic lights and accessories such as vases, tealight holders, cushions, and rugs can add a bit of glitter to the living room.


  4. Spice up your dining room for a bigger, more exciting party


    During the holidays, family and friends gather around the dining table for special holiday meals. These delicious holiday dinners should be enjoyed in great surroundings. Trays, vases, tealight holders, and candles can be used to spice up the dining room. Some items, like the Vitra Rosary tray, can be used both as a decorative object and as a means to pass food around.

    For those who have spacious dining rooms, extendable dining tables such as BoConcept Monza and Carl Hansen and Søn CH337 can help in making room for more guests. Both Danish brands also offer a wide range of dining chairs that can be mixed and matched to fit different tables. Meanwhile, for those who have small spaces, the Ligne Roset Itisy table can be rearranged to fit any room. This console table can be easily transformed into a dining table when guests arrive.


  5. Prepare a comfy place for the guests to stay over


    Sometimes, relatives and friends choose to spend the night after holiday parties and dinners. Those who do not have a guest room can use sofabeds like BoConcept Melo, Natuzzi Dado, and Ligne Roset Multy. These cool sofabeds can be used as a comfortable resting place during the day and as a cozy bed for guests at night. Matching cushions and plaids to these sofabeds can also help guests have a good night sleep. They can also make your living room look more homely and welcoming.



Make your home guest-ready with these holiday season tips. Visit our Pinterest to get more inspiration.