Natuzzi, Italy’s largest furniture house and world-renowned manufacturer of lifestyle collections, brings a new, innovative piece to the fore of design furniture. The Re-vive is a recliner that intuitively responds to the body in any sitting position. Without the usual mechanisms like levers and buttons to impede performance, the Re-vive relies on the sitter’s movements, shaping itself around the body.

Even it its restful phase, the body continues to move. With this in mind, the unique technology of Re-vive provides a seamless transition between positions, removing the strain of manual adjustment. It offers complete support while responsively adjusting itself to changes in the sitter’s form.





Designed by Pasquale Natuzzi and Kent Parker of Formway, the Re-vive recliner combines Natuzzi’s Italian heritage of quality craftsmanship with leading, ergonomic technology from New Zealand. The collaboration is compelling; with both companies’ expertise and experience fuelling its development.



We didn’t start out with a new form of chair in mind. We wanted to design a new feeling: a feeling of comfort like no other. Finding the perfect shape for comfort came from the study of the human body moving in space.

 Kent Parker, Formway



The driving force behind Natuzzi is the belief that performance and style must be equally balanced; neither must be compromised for the other. This comes together in the Re-vive chair, which is individually fitted, cut, and sewn with Italian leather by craftsmen.



At Natuzzi we dream of a more comfortable future. Call it our passion to make you feel better. A chair doesn’t just sit there; it has a presence that says something about you.

The Re-vive chair is designed to move with you, and for you to be moved.

– Pasquale Natuzzi



The recliner is fully customizable with different colors and styles to cater to specific tastes. It has two sizes, king and queen, and comes in four different upholstery designs: quilted, linear, tailored, and casual. This feature makes the Re-vive truly a personal chair: formed and catered to the individual.



Come and experience the comfort that Re-vive offers. Visit our Natuzzi Italia Showroom today.