Throughout the years, BoConcept has produced notable furniture pieces that have wormed their way into many homes such as the iconic Imola Chair, Mezzo Sofa, its many extendable dining tables, the Osaka sofa, the Hampton sofa, and the Adelaide collection.


To mark its 65 years in the industry, BoConcept will be introducing new additions to the popular Adelaide collection as it comes full circle into a complete collection; the range extends the Adelaide’s Nordic expression of simplicity into other parts of the home with a sofa, a living chair, a coffee table, and a barstool.



We have transferred the Adelaide dining chair’s simple lines and shapes to the entire Adelaide collection. Its design is quietly confident. It’s easy on the eye and has a natural form and expression. The Adelaide looks like something that is nice to sit in—and that is one of the most important parameters of an international design success.
– BoConcept designer Henrik Pedersen


In pure Adelaide fashion, the new sofa and living chair have adapted the dining chair’s distinctive wings, giving the pieces a welcoming feeling that allows one to simply relax on it the moment they come home. The coffee table, the first panel item in the collection, is available in classic oak and espresso oak.



Since its introduction in the 2015 collection, the Adelaide dining chair has made its way to becoming a BoConcept signature product, taking the classic Danish design and giving it a modern Scandinavian twist. You can easily mix and match an Adelaide piece, whether your home is done up in a sleek Metropolitan mood or bathed in Nordic light. All of the components of the new Adelaide collection live up to BoConcept’s long-standing commitment to quality, comfort, and customization—a great way to celebrate the brand’s 65 year anniversary.


Come and celebrate 65 years with us at the showroom with a free Interior Decoration consultation to see how the Adelaide collection can be incorporated in your home.