Harmony between the complexities of design, meticulous craftsmanship, an effect of calmness and comfort wherever it is placed, and an elegant character that complements both contemporary and classical living spaces. These are some of the identifying traits that mould Natuzzi Italia’s extensive sofa collection, pushed forward by a continuous stream of new inspirations from its homeland Puglia and its unshakable spirit. These hallmarks continue in its newer introductions that are quickly becoming global favourites: the Iago, the Aplomb, the Giò, and the Svevo.



The Aplomb sofa was named after a famous dance-step, embodying that same grace and balanced figure. It has deep and wide seating that seamlessly flows out into comfortably curved armrests. Open and inviting with trim, clean lines, it is perfect for heartwarming gatherings with family and friends. This also lends itself a distinct timeless style that fits well in both classic and contemporary settings. The Iago sofa, on another hand, is a symbol of Natuzzi Italia’s innovative design process: it brings the signature soft touch mechanism to span all three modules, allowing each sitter their own individual movement. It features square, linear shapes that harmonise with the sinuosity of the soft padding for an amazing aesthetic result.



The Giò and Svevo sofas are both designed by Manzoni and Tapinassi of StudioMEMO fame. These two sofas have a distinct play of materials: from firm wood, sleek metal, and soft shapes of every cushion and seat. The Giò has deep seating, with thick pads for its armrests and backrests. This makes it very comfortable yet chic and cosmopolitan. It is well-suited in the warmth of a home or at the peaceful lounges of offices or hotels. The Svevo sofa, on the other hand, has slim armrests and cube shapes with rounded corners. Its defined lines and curves give it a strong personality and an impression of height. It is quite contemporary Scandinavian in style, with the thin wood that runs through the sofa’s armrests and shapely wood accents.

Each of the four expresses distinct personalities, blended together with the cornerstones of the Natuzzi Italia process: craftsmanship, comfort, innovation, and beauty. The Italian sensibility rooted in Natuzzi Italia’s homeland of Puglia, every piece a stunning blend of heritage and innovation.


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