Make the most underwhelming places in your home or office a little bit more exciting: it may be the sad little corner in the hallway, the dull desk in the study, or the lesser-appreciated side of the sofa. All of these simply need a lift of surprise with an unlikely color or shape, best done with any of these 12 new pieces from Vitra:


  1. Rotary Tray by Jasper Morrison  


    Jasper Morrison takes the classic étagère, or open shelf, and shapes it into a contemporary table-top tidy. With its simple, organic shapes, and subtle colours, it makes for stylish compartmentalization that can be used for different things. Whether as a key tray by the door, a place for cutlery in the kitchen, or as a toiletry shelf in the bathroom, the Rotary Tray and its rotating top tier are easy on the eye, and easy to use.


  2. Graphic Print Pillows by Alexander Girard  


    Alexander Girard was an architect and among the leading figures in American design after the Second World War. Textile design was one of the main thrusts of his many endeavors, brought to life with his bright colors, textures, and patterns. These Graphic Print Pillows showcase some of his original designs, bringing his playful, vivid motifs onto soft, cotton pillows that work well in any interior style. Clean, graphic, and bold, these make for wonderful accents that are exciting yet not the least bit overwhelming.


  3. A-Table by Maarten Van Severen  


    Maarten Van Severen first made the A-Table in 1992 in his workshop — since then this puristic aesthetic and design has become a hallmark to his work. The table takes its name from the A-shaped position of the table legs, as well as its symbolic shape. Together with its balanced proportions, the A-Table is iconic for its simple, yet strikingly elegant monolithic design that reflects the lasting legacy of its designer.


Its tabletop and sides are topped with easy-care linoleum, which is made from natural products and recognized for its durability. Its underside is black lacquered, with a tubular steel base in black powder-coated finish. Adding to its functionality, the legs are also individually height-adjustable.


  4. Amoebe by Verner Panton  


    A classic piece that embodies the ebullience and spirit of the early 1970s, Verner Panton’s Amoebe was originally designed for his famous Visiona installation in 1970. Its expressiveness of color and invention is particular to this iconic Danish designer’s works. Fully upholstered with a flexible back shell, the Amoebe gives a distinctly high feeling of comfort in addition to its singularly sculptural shape. In bright colors it can serve as the focal point in a room or hallway. In more neutral tones, it is an understated accent piece that gives an office or living room a touch of character. Because of its shape, it also works well in a group that can be arranged in an interesting configuration, or even lined up together as a kind of bench (especially when done with a diverse set of colours.)


  5. Uten.Silo by Dorothee Becker  


    Dorothee Becker brings together the practical and the well-designed in her organiser-containers Uten.Silo I and II. With its metal hooks and clips, and its pockets of different shapes and sizes, storage becomes at once much more exciting and effective. Mounted on the wall, they serve well for both utility and decoration. The Uten.Silo in its two sizes and basic, glossy colors can easily work well in a kitchen, bathroom, children’s room, or office.


  6. Softshell Chair by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec  


    The Softshell Chair was designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec in 2008. Like many of the brothers’ designs, its genius lies in its construction. The flexible, yet sturdy back shell of the chair conceals vertical ribs that adapt to the form of the sitter, allowing free movement and incredible comfort even for prolonged periods of sitting. Its height is also adjustable, adding to its versatility and compatibility to any user. With its curves, smooth lines, and soft upholstery, the chair has a cosy, inviting air. As such, the Softshell Chair works well as an office or study chair, as well as a dining chair, with its shapeliness and materials fitting any interior style.


  7. NesTable by Jasper Morrison  


    Design for the user: the NesTable is Jasper Morrison’s answer to the ubiquity of working on a laptop. Lightweight and fully adjustable in both height and angle, it allows for the user to maintain a comfortable, ergonomic posture while using a laptop, regardless of where he is sitting. With a more muted, powder-coated finish, it is attractive without overpowering, allowing it to fit well wherever it is placed.


  8. Slow Chair & Ottoman by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec  


    Understated, yet sculptural and elegant, the Slow Chair trims the typically thick shapes of the traditional armchair. It is made with a tight, knitted sling cover that is thin like a stocking, yet soft and accommodating. This allows for generous proportions, while still maintaining a pleasing shape that is flexible and comfortable — made more so by its slim seat and back cushions. The Slow Chair and its matching ottoman is ideal in living rooms and porches, adding a subtle yet effectively tasteful presence.


  9. .04 by Maarten Van Severen  


    The .04 by Maarten Van Severen may strike some as underwhelming — but this clean simplicity only hints at the brilliance of its construction. Seemingly stiff, its backrest and seat are actually soft and pliable, and its rocking mechanism allows for the sitter to move easily from working to resting postures. This task chair is refreshing in design and ergonomics, distinctly apart from the desk chairs commonly used especially in institutions and offices.


  10. Tool Box by Arik Levy  


    Evocative of the craftsman’s handy toolkit, Arik Levy’s Tool Box is a refined, yet casual organizational tool. With its compartments and handle, it is an ideal container that is easy to transport, or store in a cabinet, shelf, or trolley. The Tool Box makes for practical, fun storage for working materials, accessories, toys, and kitchen utensils. In lively colors, it is fitting for the kitchen, garden, children’s room, and study.


  11. Rise Table by Jasper Morrison  


    The Rise Table exemplifies Jasper Morrison’s “super normal” design philosophy: a kind of smart, companionable sobriety that considers oft-overlooked needs rather than attracting attention. Though simple, it still serves as a decorative accent with its round table top and tulip base, which can complement any interior. It is also widely adaptive as its height is continuously adjustable: at its lowest height it can serve as a side table next to a bed, sofa, or armchair, and in its highest, as a serving table or compact working table. It is also light and easy to move about, with the table top equipped with a carrying handle. The Rise Table can find itself just at home in the living room, study, or hallway, or pretty much wherever you need it.


  12. Environmental Enrichment Panels by Alexander Girard  


    Another development to Alexander Girard’s textile designs, the Environmental Enrichment Panels are a series of screen-printed graphics on fabrics meant to warm up the usually aloof office space with a human touch. The patterns and drawings used are built on age-old inspiring themes: love, freedom, and peace. With such a heartening effect, the panels started finding their way into homes and other private interiors. Ideal for hallways, on sideboards, or bedrooms, these panels bring more than just a little charm.



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