Year after year, BoConcept creates seamless and inspirational ideas to make the most out of our clients’ spaces. New design pieces are regularly added to the collection to adapt to the shifting styles and preferences. This year, BoConcept has developed the Metropolitan and Scandinavian moods, new directions based on global style trends. To complement these, MOs Design is proud to introduce the newest BoConcept tastemakers: the luxurious Hampton sofa, the welcoming Athena recliner, and the newest face of a design icon—the Adelaide chair upholstered in quilted fabric.



Inspired by the New York City skyline, the new Hampton sofa is the epitome of Metropolitan luxury. Named after the Hamptons area, a seaside escape from New York’s bustling city life, the Hampton sofa was made to serve as that singular comfort tired urbanites look forward to at the end of every hectic day.


I wanted it to be a big, comfortable sofa without looking bulky.
– Henrik Pedersen


The Hampton sofa is more than just a beautiful statement piece; it also comes with storage options for the arms and the ottoman.




In his second project for BoConcept, Frans Schroefer, designer of the Nice (formerly known as Monaco) sofa, created a chair designer solely with exquisite comfort and form in mind.


I make unexpected forms and take unconventional approaches, keeping function and aesthetics in mind as well as ergonomics.
– Frans Schroefer


While most recliners are on the bulkier side, the Athena has a lighter and more modern look. Its soft and flowing lines invite you to sit down and simply relax. Its shaped backrest cushions your head and neck all the while supporting your back. The shape is sumptuous and curvy, giving it a more understated touch that can complement whatever room it is placed in. Relax and think big thoughts with BoConcept’s Athena chair.




The moment the Adelaide chair was introduced into the BoConcept collection, it immediately became a global favorite. With so many different options, from varying leg materials and heights, to the presence or absence of armrest, the style of upholstery, to even an office or outdoor version, you can basically design your own chair with the Adelaide.


Adelaide is about an individual style and the coherent expression of it. I wanted to create a seamless flow from in to out—a truly versatile piece of design.
– Henrik Pedersen


The newest face of the BoConcept design icon involves a quilted upholstery option that is exclusive to the Adelaide range. Coming in blue and silver grey, this version of the Adelaide is the most stylish and forward looking version yet.




Come and visit the showroom to find out how else we can help you incorporate these new designs into your home.