Anglepoise, with its reputation as one of the great British design icons, is synonymous with the lamp that brought it into existence. The Original 1227 has its origins in the earliest design by George Carwardine in 1931, who at the time was still an automotive engineer. Tinkering with springs in his workshop, he pioneered what is known today as the perfect balance mechanism, allowing balance and maintained position at any angle.

Carwardine patented his creation in 1932 then approached the company Herbert Terry & Sons, a Worcestershire-based spring manufacturer. Together, they manufactured the first four-spring Anglepoise lamp that was later modified for domestic use in the form of the Original 1227. Since then, the lamp found its way into a variety of places: everyday homes, offices, museums, and even postage stamps.



2015 reinforces the timelessness of this icon with the Original 1227 Brass collection. Now this historical piece comes with solid brass components, and an extended mid-century color palette. In addition to this, the family has grown to include pendants, table, and wall-mounted options for versatility.


Get things done with the classic Original 1227 Brass task lamp. Drop by MOs Design and see the Anglepoise display today.