No man is an island, so the oft-used saying goes. With Christmas just around the corner, there’s no better season to express your love to these special people that make every day a colorful event. Here’s to celebrating the holidays with the perfect gifts, for the wonderful people in your life.


  1. For your favorite Grandmother (or Grandfather) who likes to send you packages full of food and love every week in fear that you don’t have enough to eat.   


  2. For the friend that lives and breathes their work but never fails to make time in their busy schedule for you.   


  3. For the roommate (whether friend or sibling) whose things cover every surface of the room and you end up picking up after them. In spite of this, they are always there for you when you need an ear or a hug, even at the most ungodly hours.   


  4. For your social butterfly mother that loves to have people over—whether to host a dinner party for friends or celebrate a special family occasion.   


  5. For that favorite nephew or niece who is a little ball of sunshine in your life; a little roughhousing with them never fails to make your day.    



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