Befitting for the darker, cooler months and the unmistakable holiday cheer—the new Ligne Roset collection is marked by plush shapes and opulent materials. Spruce up your home with wintery colours and cozy pieces this holiday season.



‘Tis the season for soft and shiny: sleek black glass and ceramic accented with the warm gold of brass, like the Clyde coffee table, is elegant yet still appropriate for the season. Pair it nicely with very enticing seating and get your guests cozy for a good round of reminiscing and cheer. It’s a hard choice between the Prado, with its steady back cushions that let you lie back with ample support—just as you would against your bed’s welcoming pillows. Or with the Plumy, where you can slump down low and enjoy the downy material that gives it its name, which literally means “decorated with feathers.”



If the living room is more than decorated and luxurious, then bring the opulence to the bedroom with the Desdemone bed and Cupidon tables. Rich in color and material, the Desdemone and Cupidon come together very well with delicate, quiet salmon, warm brass, and sumptuous marble. Be embraced by the intimate, high-back Desdemone and properly de-stress and enjoy the holiday break.



What could be a better way to celebrate the holiday season than with a bountiful feast with friends and family? Whether you want an indoor or outdoor party, the Spirit of Forest and Noomi tables can complete your celebration. Spirit of Forest is precisely that: a lush, stately yet contemporary solid wood dining table worthy of your holiday revelry. Noomi on the other hand, is light and low-key like the classic café table—perfect for the corner, the kitchen, or the patio.



Time to make room for the precious gifts from your loved ones. The Oka and Coplan 2 are more than just storage furniture: made of remarkable materials, they are brilliantly designed and beautifully decorative on their own. The Oka, with its express minimalism has a handy modular form, whereas the new Coplan 2 has textured walnut-veneer sliding doors and a new ceramic, marblesque stoneware top.



An object is naturally obliged to respond to a need, without creating others. From this absolute necessity, it must be a vehicle for meaning and emotions.  
–Noè Duchaufour-Lawrance


More than just the well-known, favourite pieces, Ligne Roset brings a new collection that suits the season but is contentedly contemporary, tasteful, and timeless.




Gift yourself a lovely keeper: drop by MOs Design today and take your pick of these perfectly apt pieces this season. The new collection is available for pre-order, and will be ready for viewing by 21 December.