Sancal, a family-run company that was founded forty years ago, is now a compelling pioneer into design that brings happiness to the forefront of all its work. From its sustainably and locally sourced materials, to its handmade processes, to the styling and colours of its finished pieces: Sancal is the go-to for a fresh outlook on how design is interwoven with life, breaking the mould of the usual take on interiors.

The company started with producing classic Marie Antoinette chairs, but moved into modern design that is relevant to everyone—a timely decision, and appropriate to Spain’s own transition to a liberal democracy. Sancal’s interest in design has evolved over the years and its artistic direction took another turn at the hands of the second generation owners. Their take on design became more vibrant and indulgent, which can be seen in the later collections such as the Tierra, Grafica, and Futura collections.



All of its pieces are produced in-house by craftsmen and artisans, mostly still by hand, with wood from renewable sources in a factory powered by electricity from their own solar panels. This sensitivity to community and environment reflects the core of Sancal’s ethos: passion for the authentic, the open, and the creative, where they are happiest in the humble act of creating contemporary yet timeless pieces.



Sancal infuses simple geometrics with an acute attention to detail that result in pieces that express a relationship between function and design. The company has worked with a variety of internationally recognised designers such as Karim Rashid, Toyo Ito, and Sebastian Herkner to create products that expresses their individual personalities. Behind every piece is a story of a rich collaboration between Sancal and its roster of creative professionals; throughout the years, the brand has never failed to turn out iconic pieces that stand out above the rest.


Wondering what piece from Sancal’s compellingly designed collection would best suit your space? Visit our Sancal showroom at our MOs Design Gallery, third floor.