This year, Natuzzi Italia centers its theme of harmony on Puglia—the brand’s home and muse. Santa Maria di Leuca is one of the most charming, and so, spotlighted, towns in Puglia. This beautiful town is located at the southernmost tip of Italy, in the inlet between two promontories—Punta Ristola and Punta Meliso. Due to its unique location, the ancient Romans have called Santa Maria di Leuca de finibus terrae, or the land at the confines.

The name of the town has been derived from two women—the Virgin Mary and the mermaid called Leucasia. It is believed that Holy Mary or Santa Maria, has served as the guardian of fishermen during a terrible storm in Puglia. On the other hand, according to legends, Leucasia is a beautiful siren who fell in love with a mortal named Melisso. After Melisso’s death, by the power of the goddess Minerva, Leucasia became the white city of Leuca.



Santa Maria di Leuca is a true paradise with its iconic lighthouse, rich history, beautiful beaches, and above all, its majestic caves. Around 30 caves can be found in this town—all of which are naturally created over the years by the sea and the wind. Some of its famous caves are Grotta Porcinara, Grotta dei Giganti (Giants’ cave), and Grotta del Diavolo (Evil cave). Most of these caves are home to archeological finds such as bones, utensils, coins, and Greek or Latin inscriptions.

Aside from interesting relics, these caves also offer visitors an incredible view of crystalline, clear water reflecting rays of sunshine. Natuzzi Italia has chosen one of these caves to place the Dorian, the new sofa designed by Roberto Tapinassi and Maurizio Manzoni. The casual, contemporary look of Dorian beautifully contrasts the scenic view of Santa Maria di Leuca.


Bring home the beauty of Southern Italy with the new Dorian Sofa. Visit the Natuzzi MOs Design Showroom today.