For more than a decade, StudioMEMO has been working with leading furniture and design companies in Italy and abroad. With the help of its design and technical consultant groups, the studio provides contemporary living solutions to its partners and clients.

The journey of StudioMEMO began in 2001, thanks to the interesting partnership between Architect Maurizio Manzoni and Professor Roberto Tapinassi. Maurizio Manzoni, born in Nuoro in 1967, has been active in the world of industrial design since the 1990s. After graduating from Florence, Italy with a degree in architecture, he started working with several Italian and global companies. His projects include interior architecture, graphics, fabric projecting and nautical projecting of motorboats and luxury yachts, and installation design. On the other hand, Roberto Tapinassi, born in Florence in 1933, has been working with Italian furniture companies since the 1960s. His works involve interior design, graphic design, and fabric design.

Due to the expertise of Manzoni and Tapinassi on different design disciplines, StudioMEMO has been able to satisfy the changing needs in the design process. Its projects range from industrial and interior design to graphic design and fashion. Today, StudioMEMO continues to reach out to designers with different competencies in order to keep their tradition of innovation and good design.

Among the strong partners of StudioMEMO is Natuzzi Italia, one of the world’s leading producers of Italian furniture. StudioMEMO designed several sofas for Natuzzi including the Tempo, Dorian, Gio, and Trevi sofas. The studio also designed two beds for the Natuzzi Italia Dream Collection. These are the modern Diamante bed and the regal Dolce Vita bed.


Experience the beauty of Italian design with the expertise of StudioMEMO and the craftsmanship of Natuzzi Italia. Visit the Natuzzi MOs Design Showroom today.