Tom Dixon has been known for collections that challenge the design of everyday objects. The eclectic, experimental flavour of the brand continues from the success of its Mirror Ball and Beat families, to the new, elegant additions this 2016: the Fade and the Curve, and new members of the Copper Shade, Etch, and Melt families. This new Tom Dixon lighting collection is now readily available in MOs Design. It was first introduced with the opening of The Restaurant by Caesarstone and Tom Dixon during the Milan design week, as shown in this video by Dezeen:



Two of the light collections, the Fade and Curve, are the newest Tom Dixon lighting families. The Fade is an understated, yet impressive pendant light shaped like a teardrop. It omits a soft round light from its bulbous top that tapers into a faded (hence the name) end, which makes it quite an effective spotlight. When placed in batches of four, it makes for strikingly beautiful ambiance and lighting to a dining areas or lounges. The Curve pendant, on the other hand, has an unusual design made of thinly etched metal sheets. It glows brightly with its soft silver colour and the circular shapes on its body, reminiscent of Art Deco sculpture.

As for new introductions to some of the most beloved Tom Dixon lighting families, the Etch pendants now have a smaller size and colour—the Etch Mini, now in soft silver as well. It can also be attractively arranged into a set of 5 as the Etch Mini Chandelier, Tom Dixon’s contemporary take on the classic chandelier. The Etch is inspired from the method of etching on metal for decorative purposes that dates back to the Middle Ages, and casts soft, textured shadows quite like its own unique wallpaper, especially for pieces like the Etch Web.



Tom Dixon’s famous Copper Shade is given two new looks: the Copper Pendant Tall and Copper Pendant Wide. Complete the Copper Shade family with these two additional members and their particularly eye-catching shapes. The Copper Shades’ reflective surface is achieved through a unique process called Metallic Vaporization. The  Melt family welcomes a new addition: the Melt Table light. This exciting collection is a result of a happy collaboration between Tom Dixon and FRONT, a Swedish design collective. It takes its name from its characteristic “melting hot blown glass effect.”



Tom Dixon’s extraordinary lighting collection is emblematic of his keen focus on materials, especially so-called industrial ones like glass and metal. As a designer he continues to impressively push the boundaries of design with his engagement with new technologies, everyday items and processes.


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