Following the viral success of two of his short films with BoConcept–The Call and The Guest–award-winning Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen is back with The Fight. This action packed comedy starts with Mads rehearsing his fight scene for an upcoming film all the while with two Interior Decorators from BoConcept coming in to re-decorate his apartment. If only they knew that his rehearsal was very hands-on.

After a few wrestles with the wall and run in with a glass coffee table, Mads looks around to see his newly re-decorated apartment and knows that he is more than ready for his new movie. Although the film is a little under 3 minutes, it is action packed and the message is clear: at BoConcept, we make the most out of your space.



Now, I am ready.
– Mads Mikkelsen




In The Fight, BoConcept chose to emphasize its Interior Decoration service that helps customers make the most out of their space. As the Conceptor team worked on his home, they gave Mads Mikkelsen plenty of time to do what he does best, acting.



Do you have something in grey?  
— Mads Mikkelsen



Our homes are an extension of ourselves–from our hopes, dreams, loves, and ambitions in life, to our little quirks. One would think that putting all of these things together into your dream home is easy, but we beg to differ. From the different choices in color to the kind of wood you want to use, the whole process can be very confusing.

Conceptors and Interior Decorators are there to help you narrow down your choices; they help you mix and match your tastes and find the best solution for you and your home. From solving the challenge of that one dead corner of the bedroom to the entire home, our Conceptor Team has the answer for you.

The Fight is directed by Mads Mikkelsen’s old friend and colleague Dejan Cukic. The special effects team is led by Hummer Højmark, an industry veteran, who has done SFX for many blockbuster action films with Mockingjay II as the most recent one. The Fight was shot on location in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, Denmark.



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